Jaw Crusher Liner Replacement

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Jaw Crusher Liner Replacement

Jaw crusher is a kind of crushing equipment in gravel production line equipment manufactured metallurgical and building sand stone and other industries widely used. Jaw crusher crushing mechanism is to rely on the movable jaw relative to the fixed jaw relative motion to squeeze broken material, so in the course of the jaws belong to the jaw crusher wear parts, jaw wear style very common phenomenon . So that the user should pay attention to in the course of doing maintenance.

Liner Replacement Notice

  1. When replacing the jaw crusher frame liner, such as the old liner not get down, the available gas welding cutting, clean the surface and within the rack, the back lining freshly poured concrete, with 500 to 600 cement and sand, ratio is a mass ratio of 1: 3 mixed before casting liner to clean and polish the concrete, and it firmly together.
  2. After the completion of concrete casting must be trimmed so that the rack rib surface and back of the lid close, and we have to wait after the concrete dry before being put into use, or affect the jaw crusher life.
  3. When replacing the jaw crusher cone liner, the liner in the cutting process do not avoid injury maintaining a gap of 1 to 2 mm between the cones after the top liner installed, you should first install the compression nut, then after re-cast zinc alloy before casting cone and liner preheated 60 ~ 80 ℃, each liner gap joint use of asbestos and clay plug to avoid leakage of zinc alloy, to be finished pouring alloy liner, fitted compression nut and locking plate so that tightly fixed.

Use Liner

In the production process, backing material with direct action, crushing force is high, particularly when broken greater hardness of the material, resulting in vibration bolts installed liner, nut loose, so that the liner wear and tear and have a great noise, backing off or broken so severe jaw crusher downtime, affecting the normal production. In such cases, according to the actual situation at the scene to analyze specific issues, trying to take practical solution to the problem. For example, a spring damping device locking resolve liner loose at work, thus extending the life of the liner, improve work efficiency. Lining life is directly related to the efficiency and cost of production jaw crusher must be lining design, material selection, assembly, and use of, given high priority.


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