Bentonite Powder Making Machine

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Bentonite Powder Making Machine

Bentonite clay is a montmorillonite-based mineral water, also known as bentonite, bentonite or bentonite rock. Typically waxy, earthy or oil sheen, natural mineral bentonite mostly light green, maroon and gray-black. After bentonite after processing can be used for foundry sand, drilling muds, metallurgical pellet, oil bleaching and so on. Bentonite processing the most critical is what machine?

Bentonite powder making machine is a kind of Raymond mill, mainly for the physical characteristics of bentonite and development and production of milling machines. The whole structure is from the host, analysis machine, plumbing fixtures, blower, according to user needs can be equipped with crusher, hoist, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric motors and other components. Materials are crushed to the required size, the material will be sent to hoist storage hopper, and then vibrating feeder will feed into a uniform continuous Raymond host grinding room, because the centrifugal force rotation, the roller swings out , pressed on the grinding ring, shovel blade materials sent between the roller and grinding ring, due to the rolling mill rolls to achieve the purpose of crushing. Powder materials after grinding are brought into the circulating air blower with the analysis machine sorting, fine through coarse material to regrinding, qualified powder into the air the finished product cyclone powder collector through the powder discharge tube, It is finished.

Bentonite Powder Making Machine Works

Bentonite powder making machine bulk materials after crushed by the elevator into the storage hopper, and then fed by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder evenly host grinding chamber, into the grinding chamber material is shovel blade into the grinding roller and ring between crushed grated, fans will be blown into the grinding room, blowing powder into the analysis machine inside, sorting, reach the fineness of the grinding chamber and fall heavy Tang, qualified powder into the air finished cyclone powder collector, after the separation of powder and air is discharged from the discharge port is finished, return to the air return duct from the upper end of the fan in the air duct is circular, and is under negative pressure flow state. Bentonite powder making machine grinding material to be polished interior because there is a certain moisture content, grinding, will produce some heat causes evaporation of water, as well as the whole of each pipe flange Mifengbuyan emissaries outside air is sucked into the circulation stream increase the amount of wind, in order to ensure the mill work in the vacuum state, the increase in gas flow into the bag filter by the fan over the trachea between the host, is purified and discharged into the atmosphere.


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