Spiral Classifier

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Spiral Classifier

Design Concept

As an important accessory equipment of beneficiation line, Spiral Classifier is designed to provide the most effective pool area and overflow velocity requirements. SBM spiral classifiers are designed to provide the most effective pool area and overflow velocity requirements. We use a unique design by combining the proper submergence of the spiral with one of the tank designs a choice of combinations is possible in straight, modified or full flare tank designs. The proper combination of pool depth, area and spiral construction is important to secure a controlled turbulence in the slurry flow for accurate size separation.

Product Application

Spiral classifier machine is mainly used in mineral processing, gravel plant grinding circuit pre-grading, inspection grading and sand washing operations in the mud, dehydration and other operations. The machine can be divided according to the number of single spiral and double helices two kinds, according to the spiral blade submerged spillway level of difficulty can be divided into high weir and sank two. High weir spiral classifier used for overflow particle size 0.83mm ~ 0.15mm ore grading, sunken spiral classifier used for overflow particle size 0.15mm ~ 0.07mm ore grading.SBM Spiral Classifier should be an advanced gold mining cheapest equipment in India.

Product Advantage

  • For the sand dry powder production process excessive separation of control mechanisms can be very convenient powder sand content, to meet user requirements.
  • Suitable for dry large and medium-sized sand making production line.
  • 0.00 - 0.75mm dust content of 2% -15% adjustable.
  • Easy to control quality powder fineness adjustment convenient, flexible and reliable.
  • Tile lining, repair rate is very low.
  • The use of frequency control technology, operating more concise.

Operational Principle

Spiral Classifier with the help of solid particles of different sizes, the proportion of different, thus settling velocity in liquids of different principles, fine mineral particles floating in the water to overflow out of coarse mineral particles sink to the bottom.Discharged from the screw into the upper part, to a hierarchical classification of mechanical equipment, can mill to grind the material powder level in the filter, and then use the coarse material helical screw rotary vane into the mill feed, the filter out the fine material is discharged from the overflow pipe.The machine base is made of channel steel body with steel plates welded together.Into the head of the screw shaft, shaft, using pig iron, wear-resistant and durable, lifting devices of electric and manual.

Repair And Maintenance

  • View the reducer lubricating oil is the oil needle line every day and change the oil every 6 months.
  • Clean machine spindle on the sand grains or dust timely , otherwise it will cause the sand return to reduce the amount.
  • Always check the lower support or intermediate frame bearing, bearing, seal ring wear, bearing is damaged, to timely replacement.
  • The bearing lubrication must every 4 hours with manual dry oil pump pressure injection of high pressure oil to the bearing, to maintain the bearing sealing performance.
  • Replace classifier wear blade timely, blade wear will make the sand return to reduce the amount and fineness of grinding thicker, seriously affect the service life of the classifier.

Technical Data

Model Spiral Dia(mm) Rotary speed (r/min) Tank Length (mm ) Motor kw Dimenstion
Drive Adust LxWxH (mm)
HC-3 300 12-30 3000 1.1 ---- 3850 490 1140
HC-5 500 8-12.5 4500 1.1 ---- 5430 680 1480
HC-7 750 6-10 5500 3 ---- 6270 980 1820
HC-10 1000 5-8 6500 5.5 ---- 7590 1240 2380
LC-10 8400 7.5 9600 1240 2680
HC-12 1200 4-6 6500 7.5 2.2 8180 1570 3110
LC-12 8400 7.5 2.2 10370 1540 3920
2HC-12 6500 15 4.4 8230 2790 3110
2LC-12 8400 15 4.4 10370 2790 3920
HC-15 1500 4-6 8300 7.5 2.2 10410 1880 4080
LC-15 10500 7.5 2.2 12670 1820 4890
2HC-15 8300 15 4.4 10410 3390 4080
2LC-15 10500 15 4.4 12670 3370 4890
HC-20 2000 3.6-5.5 8400 11-15 3 10790 2530 4490
LC-20 12900 11-15 3 15610 2530 5340
2HC-20 8400 22-30 6 11000 4600 4490
2LC-20 12900 22-30 6 15760 4600 5640
HC-24 2400 3.67 9130 15 3 11650 2910 4970
LC-24 14130 18.5 4 16580 2930 7190
2HC-24 9130 30 6 12710 5430 5690
2LC-24 14130 37 8 17710 5430 8000
2HC-30 3000 3.2 12500 40 8 16020 6640 6350
2LC-30 14300 17091 8680


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