Talc Powder Machinery Production

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Talc Powder Machinery Production

In our minds, the stones are generally very hard very hard, but today there is a stone that are not ordinary. Talc said it is a stone, but it is the most soft stone, with a fingernail can leave scratches on the talc soft talc can also replace the chalk to write it! Lift talc, who knows it can be used to process some cosmetics? Talc containing a large amount of silicon element, with barrier infrared role in enhancing the sun protection and anti-infrared properties of cosmetics. See here, Amy must have a lot of people can not help but have a lot of goodwill on the talc. With the development of talcum powder processing industry for talc powder machinery production technology put forward higher requirements, domestic ultra-fine grinding equipment also continued to progress, to meet the development needs of the powder industry. This paper mainly describes the knot on talcum powder ultrafine grinding technology and equipment.

The Main Ultra-Fine Grinding Equipment

In the talc powder machinery production process, it is important to agitating mill ultrafine grinding equipment, the machine is mainly composed of cylinder, combined with a stirrer, transmission and chassis components. Full of grinding media within certain simplified, gear drive agitator shaft rotating at a moderate speed, by optimizing the structure of the agitator ball forcibly driven media and materials in English do multidimensional cycle rotation. Material in the extrusion pressure grinding medium weight and pressure generated by rotating agitator collision is efficiently milled by friction and impact. Pulp mill by feeding port into the pump chamber, the finished pulp from the upper mesh sieve overflow into the slurry storage barrels. Method for stirring mill grading system ultra fine talcum powder production efficiency, product fineness can select the media, the material in the mixing mill residence time, as well as grading and wind speed adjustment to control. The system has good application prospects in other low hardness minerals processing.

After Raymond ultra-fine processing, ultra-fine talcum powder not only has a special sheet-like structure, also has good solid luster. Can be used as an effective reinforcement, both ambient and elevated temperatures, plastic can impart high rigidity and creep resistance. Plus processing costs are not high, ultra-fine talcum powder to mass production, successfully achieved talc industrial upgrading and innovation. Thus, improved efficiency Raymond mill ultrafine talc industry has brought a broad market prospect. Select talc mill in talc powder machinery production process is critical, directly affect the quality and use of talc. Our company produces many types of talc mill, fully functional, and the mill at reasonable prices. Rely on technical superiority, coupled with efficient talc processing machines, the development of high value-added processing products, to achieve efficient use of talc resources.


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